Sunday, December 10, 2017


Im a great reader so when I say im a huge fan of only good magazine reads I mean it.For years magazines such as Vogue,Elle and Essence,just to name a few has always dined my coffee table or kept me mentally occupied but my most favorable that has always been very intellectual not to mention had me anticipating each monthly issue happens to be "Ebony",the magazine that
Supplys you with good perspectives of my favorable celebrities,as a traveler Ive used theyre advice on the best landmarks and best cities to live & or visit,Ebony is very resourceful for fashion and business entrepreneurship that are on the rise.I can honestly say Im still checking all newstands for my latest issue.Now owned by the "Ebony Media Corporation"and still feeding us the best issues I must say after 72 years "Ebony" has become an astonishing empire & always brings fourth great reads & entertainment.....Blessings for "Ebony"........